Forest Fund

First Portuguese PE Fund to be classified as Article 9 under the SFDR. Our Forest Fund will support the cultivation of sustainable forests, fostering the generation of certified CO₂ offsetting capacity.

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By acquiring and managing 8 rural properties, our aim is to establish and cultivate sustainable forests. With a target size up to €50m in the next 4 years and a maturity of 10 years, we estimate an annual IRR of 10%.


forest hectares


planting trees


tons of CO₂ to absorb

This fund is eligible for Portugal’s Golden Visa Program.

Sustainable Investing
Climate ActionLife On Land

AIM Forest Fund incorporates Environmental, Social and Governance considerations and holds the distinction of being among the first sustainable private equity funds to receive approval under Article 9 of the European Commission's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

SFDR Article 9
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Why Forests?

Impact Investment

By investing in AIM Forest Fund, investors will have access to a new generation of impact investments that leverage the transition to a net-zero world target in 2050, as outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Neutral Carbon Sinks

Forests act as reservoirs, absorbing roughly 2 billion tons of CO2 per year, reducing carbon concentration in the atmosphere and mitigating the effects of fossil fuel emissions.

Tangible Safe Investment

Investing in forests provides recurrent cash flows, low correlation with other assets, resilience to economic cycles, portfolio diversification, reduced risk, and significant economic benefits from development subsidies.

AIM Ethos

Why Portugal?

A combination of forest land specificities, poor management, and the sourcing challenge of this type of assets becomes an attractive investment opportunity.






to development land


of forest area is private


areas in the interior


of unregister land plots


managed sector


are difficult to source

Best-in-class Management

The fund is managed by an experienced local team with significant expertise in developing and unlocking value from poorly managed properties to sustainable and successful assets.

Tomás Ramos

Tomás Ramos

Forest Fund Manager

With over 20 years of expertise in forest asset management, overseeing 7 rural properties spanning 6,000+ hectares, Tomás Ramos is a distinguished Board Member of ANPC (Associação Nacional de Proprietários Rurais, Gestão Cinegética e Biodiversidade) - a renowned association dedicated to advocating for rural property rights and associated activities. Additionally, Tomás holds a degree and diploma in Architecture from Greenwich University, London.

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Francisco Sottomayor

Founding Partner

Highly experienced Managing Director in the financial services industry, boasting a comprehensive track record in Capital Markets, Financial Structuring, Corporate Finance, and M&A. With an extensive career path involving reputable financial institutions including Société Général, Crédit Suisse, Citi Group, BPI and AXIA Ventures Group, Francisco is also an astute entrepreneur, actively investing in Technology and Real Assets, such as Forestry. A graduate of NOVA School of Business and Economics and Harvard Business School program participant.

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Francisco Sottomayor
André Ribeiro

André Ribeiro

Founding Partner

Seasoned Professional with top level international experience in Banking, Energy and Private Equity. Participated in some of Portugal’s largest capital markets transactions, led a $12bn turnover business at Galp and originated, structured and executed several Private Equity deals in different sectors. As an entrepreneur, André has developed unique real estate projects including the Dune House featured in the Netflix series "World’s Most Extraordinary Homes". A skilful managing directing holding a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Lisbon.

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Our Track Record

Herdade do Rio Torto

Location: Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
Acquisition date: 2016
Area: 660 Hectares
Density: 400 trees per hectare (mainly cork oak)
Estimated CO₂ absorption capacity: 8,000 Tons

Herdade do Rio TortoIdanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Herdade dos Cancelos

Location: Castelo Branco, Portugal
Acquisition date: 2004
Area: 600 Hectares
Density: 350 trees per hectare (mainly cork oak)
Estimated CO₂ absorption capacity: 35,000 Tons

Herdade dos CancelosCastelo Branco, Portugal

Herdade da Represa

Location: Castelo Branco, Portugal
Acquisition date: 2004
Area: 300 Hectares
Density: 90 trees per hectare (mainly cork oak)
Estimated CO₂ absorption capacity: 3,500 Tons

Herdade da RepresaCastelo Branco, Portugal

Herdade da Figueira

Location: Alcacer do Sal, Portugal
Acquisition date: 2023
Area: 366 Hectares
Density: 40 trees per hectare (mainly cork oak).
New Plantation of 150,000 trees (cork oak and pine)
Estimated CO₂ absorption capacity: 53,500 Tons

Herdade da RepresaCastelo Branco, Portugal