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The information presented on this website was prepared by the partners of a Sociedade Anónima Gestora de Fundos de Risco (“SGFCR”), which is currently in the process of being constituted with the Commercial Registry of Lisbon and in preparation of the respective authorization request. and registration with the Comissão dos Mercados de Valores Mobiliários (“CMVM”), and has the sole purpose of providing information and presenting the objectives that are intended to be implemented in the SGFCR and should be interpreted as an offer, solicitation or investment recommendation, buying, selling or subscribing to any financial instruments or investment structures, or inviting participation in any specific business strategy. All opinions contained herein were made within the context and context at the time the presentation was prepared and may change without notice.

The products and services mentioned here are not available on the market, constituting only the strategic vision of the potential founders of SGFCR, which will not be a regulated entity until the successful completion of the authorization and registration process with the CMVM.